About Me

Aitor Pastor, born in Ibiza in November 1988, is a young electronic music artist. With a highly distinctive style,    

he takes us on a captivating journey with his fresh and vibrant sounds. Surrounded by the essence of Ibiza, he

embarked on his professional journey in 2012, becoming one of the resident DJs at Ítaca Beach Club. During this

time, he performed at the Arenal Dance Festival, captivating audiences of over 8,000 people for two consecutive

years. At Ítaca, he also graced the decks at pre-parties for renowned events such as Matinée, Supermartxé, and Do

Not Sleep, sharing the stage with notable artists including Flahsmoob, wAFF, Sidney Charles, and Darius Sirossian,

among many others. In 2016, he embarked on a new residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza, one of the most influential

beach clubs in the Ibiza electronic music scene. It is common to find the industry’s finest DJs, such as Marco

Carola, The Martinez Brothers, and Black Coffee, performing there. Aitor Pastor’s name can also be found on the

rosters of prominent record labels of our time, including HurryUpSlowly, There Was Jack, Safe Music, Low Ceilling,

and Blanco Y Negro.